Join The World IT Experts in online Education and Employment Platforms – RDKONEL 2022 –

-Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire- 

The pandemic of the Covid-19 virus has drastically changed the world of education. College and university leaders in the US and around the world are concerned about graduation rates and enrollment limiting factors impacting student populations.
Students most often leave college for the expensive tuitions, to care for family members, earn money, or deal with health issues. A travel ban has also cut the numbers of available international students. Online learning is not advancing as it was supposed to be in this pandemic of the Covid-19 era. Schools, teachers and students are still adjusting with the transition to online learning. Schools are also facing the challenge of delivering a better online educational experience to students.

What comes next?

Join RDKONEL 2022 Education Leaders

Innovation and Leadership in Online Education and employment during and after the Coronavirus Era

The RDKONEL team and the world IT Experts in online education and employment platforms from around the globe with education leaders and futurists will explore and present the solution that will help schools, teachers and students meet the challenges during and after the Covid-19 crisis. School leaders will learn how to explore the new direction of the economy by adjusting their curriculums in a way to best fit the present and future needs of learners, such as the New Shape of 21st century Work.

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